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Start DateMay 1, 2017
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Section 1Lectures
Lecture 1The prophecies of world war 3 were true!! - 2:15:48
Lecture 2The Zohar's predictions of the end of days!!! - 49:45
Lecture 3Mashiach is coming - are YOU ready? - 2:18:20Free Preview

Mashiach is coming – are YOU ready? – 2:18:20

According to all prophesies and scripts Mashiach HAS to come very soon! In this video Rabbi Anava provides some sources of proof that the time of the redemption has come. What we need to do to get ready and how one can save himself from the war that might come

Lecture 4Get ready, cause it's going to get harder...! - 1:27:36
Lecture 5Why the delay? - 1:22:37
Lecture 6The 15th of Av - 1:13:58
Lecture 7The secret behind the vision - 55:15
Lecture 8Little acts make a huge difference - 1:06:52
Lecture 9Achdut is the fastest way to hasten the Geula - 54:56
Lecture 10Building The Beit Hamikdash - 49:15
Lecture 11Do you believe Moshiach is coming? - 1-:02:30
Lecture 12The secret to bring Moshiach - 50:09
Lecture 13How do I know Mashiach is coming SOON? - Part 1 - 57-59
Lecture 14How do I know Mashiach is coming SOON? - Part 2 - 50:15
Section 2Questions & Answers
Lecture 15Questions And Answers On Moshiach - 1:16:28
Lecture 16What will happen in Israel when mashiach comes? - 16:18
Lecture 17Are we allowed to predict the Moshiach s arrival? - 22:51
Lecture 18Who is really Jewish and who is not? - 29:29
Lecture 19The gentile's role in the coming of Mashiach - 4:35
Lecture 20Will only the righteous survive the Redemption? - 8:32
Lecture 21Want to survive when Moshiach comes? - 2:42
Lecture 22Haman, Hitler, 50th Level of impurity and the war of thoughts - 4:22
Lecture 23Moshiach is coming - You really don't want to miss out - 3:00
Lecture 24Time is ripe for the coming of Moshiach - 6:24
Lecture 25We operate better under pressure - 7:52
Lecture 26Ahavat Israel will bring Mashiach - 14:30