Reincarnations and Past Lives

5 Oct 2018


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Reincarnations and past lives has always been a fascinating topic. Although this subject is not mentioned clearly in the Torah but nevertheless defiantly hinted in the Torah in the book of Shemot, Chapter 34/7 and of course in many places in the Zohar and books of Kabbalah.

In this website we offer a few in depth courses about reincarnations and past lives thought by Rabbi Alon Anava.

One course is from the Zohar, read out of Parashat Mishpatim. To start learning from this course Click Here

Or search in the course list for the Zohar course of reincarnations

a person who embodies in the flesh a deity, spirit, or abstract quality
Start learning from the Zohar course on Reincarnations
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The next course that is about to start on April 7th is an in depth course from the ‘Gates of reincarnation’ by the AriZal. Rabbi Anava teaches from each chapter and explains clearly all the deep concept of Kabbalah on the topic of reincarnations. One part is an in depth teachings of the structure of the five levels of the soul and it’s rectification. You can take a quick look below how it’s structured.

Asiyah Yetzirah Beriah Atzilut
Nefesh Nefesh Nefesh Nefesh
Ruach Ruach Ruach Ruach
Neshama Neshama Neshama Neshama
Chaya Chaya Chaya Chaya
Yechida Yechida Yechida Yechida

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