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Section 1Examples
Lecture 1Words can be forgiven - 18:15

Laws of Lashon Harah

Words can be forgiven but NOT forgotten – 18:15

Lecture 24th entrance to Gehenom - 15:58
Lecture 3Taking the Name in Vain - 13:33
Lecture 4Don't add oil to the fire - 12:33
Lecture 5The clock is ticking - 9:55
Section 2Negative Mitzvot - Prohibitions
Lecture 6Halacha 1 - Negative Commands - 6:57

Laws of Lashon Harah

Halacha 1 – Negative Commands – 6:57

1. Someone who speaks against his fellow transgresses a negative command as it says (Vayikra 19:16), “Do not go as a talebearer (Rachil) in your nation.” What is a Rachil? Someone who carries things and goes from this person to that saying, “Ploni said this about you, and I heard that ploni did that to you, even if it is true. This person is among those who destroy the world. There is a much worse sin than this, namely, Lashon Harah, which is included in this negative command. This is someone who speaks of the bad of his fellow even if the says the truth, but someone who say lies is considered a slanderer of his fellow.

 א: המרגל בחברו עובר בלא תעשה שנאמר (ויקרא י”ט ט”ז) :”לא תלך רכיל בעמך”. איזהו רכיל? זה שטוען דברים והולך מזה לזה ואומר : כך אמר פלוני עליך. וכך וכך שמעתי על פלוני שעשה לך. אף על פי שהוא אמת, הרי זה מחריב את העולם. ויש עוון גדול מזה עד מאוד והוא לשון הרע והוא בכלל לאו זה. והוא המספר בגנות חברו אף על פי שאומר אמת. אבל האומר שקר נמצא מוציא שם רע על חברו.

Lecture 7Halacha 2 & 3 - Negative Commands - 4:23
Lecture 8Halacha 4 - Negative Commands - 16:10
Lecture 9Halacha 5 - Negative Commands - 7:00
Lecture 10Halacha 6 - Negative Commands - 10:33
Lecture 11Halacha 7,8 & 9 - Negative Commands - 6:54
Lecture 12Halacha 10 - Negative Commands - 3:31
Lecture 13Halacha 11 & 12 - Negative Commands - 9:53
Lecture 14Halacha 13 - Negative Commands - 6:57
Lecture 15Halacha 14 & 15 - Negative Commands - 9:25
Lecture 16Halacha 16 - Negative Commands - 12:46
Lecture 17Halacha 17 - Negative Commands - 8:44
Section 3Positive Mitzvot
Lecture 18Halacha 1 - Positive Commands - 6:11

Laws of Lashon Harah

Halacha 1 – Positive Commands – 6:11

1. Someone who speaks Lashon Hara against his fellow transgresses the positive mitzvah (Devarim 24:9) “Remember what Hashem your G-d did to Miriam in the way out of Mitzraim” which warns us what happened to Miriam, even though, when all is said and done, she only spoke against her brother whom she loved like herself and had endangered herself to save him from the water, and when all is said and done only compared him to other prophets and did not actually speak bad of him. Also, she did not speak in public but only before Moshe Rabeinu. Nonetheless, she was punished with leprosy. How much more will those who speak evil of people be punished.

 א: המספר לשון הרע על חבירו עובר על מצוות עשה (דברים כ”ד ט’) “זכור את אשר עשה ה’ אלוהיך למרים בדרך בצאתכם ממצרים”. שהזהיר אותנו הכתוב את מה שה’ עשה למרים, אפילו שסך הכול דיברה על אחיה. שאהבה אותו כנפשה, וסכנה עצמה להצילו מן הים, וסך הכול השוותה אותו לשאר נביאים ולא ממש דיברה בגנותו. ולא דיברה בפני רבים אלא רק בפני אהרן אחיה הקדוש. בכל זאת נענשה בצרעת. קל וחומר לאנשים שמספרים בגנות חבריהם שייענשו

Lecture 19Halacha 2 - Positive Commands - 8:57
Lecture 20Halacha 3 - Positive Commands - 5:28
Lecture 21Halacha 4 - Positive Commands - 4:15
Lecture 22Halacha 5 - Positive Commands - 7:12
Lecture 23Halacha 6 - Positive Commands - 11:28
Lecture 24Halacha 7 - Positive Commands - 10:10
Lecture 25Halacha 8 - Positive Commands - 8:51
Lecture 26Halacha 9 - Positive Commands - 3:09