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Start DateMar 31, 2017
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Section 1Fast of Esther
Lecture 1Why do we fast before Purim? - 32:47
Lecture 2Laws of the fast of Esther - 49:37
Section 2Lectures
Lecture 3Insights of the month of Adar and Purim - 27:50
Lecture 4What is hidden in Megillat Esther? - 29:48
Lecture 5What is hidden in the Megila that can change your life - 1:57:29
Lecture 6The secret behind the Megila - 34:04
Lecture 7The secret of Haman and Achashverosh - 1:04:37
Section 3Inspiration
Lecture 8Happiness is a choice - 1:39:04

Happiness is a choice – 1:39:04

Learn the secret to true happiness!

Lecture 9The key to true Happiness - 35:47
Lecture 10The secret for Bitachon (Trusting) - 1:56:26
Lecture 11Am I where I am supposed to be? - 1:17:38
Lecture 12How can I be happy? - 53:36
Lecture 13How often do you see a miracle? - 45:26
Lecture 14Our secret weapon - 55:54
Lecture 15Purim is not over till.... - 1:08:07
Section 4Kabbalah
Lecture 16The mystical teachings of this holiday - 1:18:46
Lecture 17How to break the Klip - 55:08