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Start DateJul 1, 2021
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Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Overview - 1:04:16Free Preview

Overview – 1:04:16

Lecture 2Introduction - 31:16
Lecture 3The danger! - 34:28
Section 2Rules
Lecture 4Basic rules - 48:23
Lecture 5What is Lashon Harah? - 45:21
Lecture 6Listening to Lashon Harah - 43:20
Lecture 7Lashon Harah for a benefit- 47:28
Lecture 8Dust of Lashon Harah - 24:17
Lecture 9Prohibition of Gossip - 38:53
Lecture 10In front of three - 1:04:07 - NEW
Section 3Lectures
Lecture 11What's worse than Lashon Harah?Free Preview

What’s worse than Lashon Harah? You don’t even know you do it – 1:16:39

We all know Lashon Harah is one of the worse sins one can do. But there is another sin that is much worse that Lashon Harah that YOU do all the time and not even aware of that!! Be aware!!!

Lecture 12Fix Lashon Harah - 1:00:11