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Section 1Do you believe G-d can pull money out of thin air? - 31:34
Section 2Care about your world to come? - 1:21:10

Care about your world to come? (Olam Habah)

If yes, watch this video – 1:21:10

There are four types of actions that one can do that will result with a severe punishment of never to see the Shchina (feminine aspect of the divine) – Tactate Sotah 42

If you’re smart, you want to learn what are these actions that can cause you to loose your world to come (Olam Habah) and never to see the Shchina

Section 3Why the journey of the soul is full of challenges? - 53:44
Section 4Don't lose control - 1:32:51
Section 5Rediscover your passion - 59:16
Section 6The reason your prayers are not answered - 55:16
Section 7How to fool the Yetzer Harah - 31:47
Section 8Three steps to the ultimate pleasure - 29:42
Section 9How to rise above your nature? - 22:22
Section 10The secret of two words that will change your life! - 40:26
Section 11Small acts make a BIG difference - 1:43:55
Section 12The hidden secrets of Kabbalah behind your spiritual growth - 1:32:59