6 weeks

Six powerful weeks

Shortly this page will be updated with all info you need to know


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Some of the actions we will do 

  • Five (5) prayers daily – Shacharit, Mincha, Ma’ariv, Birkat Ha’Mazon, Shma Al Hamita.
  • Daily reciting of: Tikun Haklali, Perek Shira, Pitum Ha’Ketoret, Igeret Ha’Ramban
  • Control our mouth – What goes in and what goes out
  • NO talking in Shul
  • Silence fasts – Ta’anit dibur
  • Visits to holy sites
  • Daily reading of Tikun 48 (Zohar) – תיקון מ׳ח – בראשית תמן
  • Daily reading of Tehilim: 20, 25, 27, 67, 69, 100
  • Daily reading of Patach Aliyahu פתח אליהו

Shortly more info will be posted along with links to the text for all the above in Hebrew and English