40 Days

Join our 40 days journey to change the world!!!

29th of Sivan – June 21st – We start

Watch the video to the right so you understand what this journey is about and then read through the page to find out all about this program!

  • For men and women
  • Jews and non Jews
  • Daily videos and instructions
  • Rabbi Anava will guide us through out the 40 days

Some of the actions we will do 

  • Five (5) prayers daily – Shacharit, Mincha, Ma’ariv, Birkat Ha’Mazon, Shma Al Hamita.
  • Daily reciting with a Minyan – Tikun Haklali, Perek Shira, Pitum Ha’Ketoret, Igeret Ha’Ramban
  • Control our mouth – What goes in and what goes out
  • Talking in Shul
  • Silence fasts – Ta’anit dibur
  • Visits to holy sites
  • Tikun Olam