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Section 1Bereshit - בראשית
Lecture 1Bereshit - 1:17:45Free Preview

Parashat Bereshit

How can we fix the sin of the tree of knowledge? – 1:17:45


Lecture 2Noah - 1:05:17
Lecture 3Lech Lecha - 1:07:55
Lecture 4Vayeira - 1:09:46
Lecture 5Chayei Sarah - 1:03:50
Lecture 6Toldot - 1:30:18
Lecture 7Vayeitzei - 1:02:49
Lecture 8Vayishlach - 1:06:27
Lecture 9Vayeshev - 1:08:54
Lecture 10Vayigash - 1:24:12
Section 2Shemot - שמות
Lecture 11Shemot - 1:09:01Free Preview

Parashat Shemot – When can you question G-d? – 1:09:01

In this weeks Parasha Moshe questioned G-d for the fact that pharaoh made things worse for the Jews. What can we learn from this and how is that applied in our life?

Lecture 12Va'eira - 1:14:45
Lecture 13Bo - 1:16:47
Lecture 14Be'Shalach - 1:04:54
Lecture 15Yitro - 1:02:43
Lecture 16Mishpatim - 1:13:52
Lecture 17Teruma - 1:14:56
Section 3Vayikra - ויקרא
Lecture 18Kedoshim - 56:11Free Preview

Parashat Kedoshim

How does G-d expect me to be holy? – 56:11

In this week’s Parasha portion, we are commanded by G-d to be holy. We usually think that only a few special people can be titled as holy, but nevertheless the Torah clearly states that we are ALL suppose to be holy. Now the question is how….?

Lecture 19Emor - 1:04:48
Lecture 20Behar - 1:03:09
Section 4Bamidbar - במדבר
Lecture 21Bamidbar - 1:13:39Free Preview

Parashat Bamidbar

Beware of bad neighbours… – 1:13:39

In this weeks Parasha we learn of the order how the tribes were positioned around the Mishkan in the desert. What is so important about how they were positioned and what can we learn from that?

Lecture 22Naso - 1:04:13
Lecture 23Behaalotecha - 1:02:12
Lecture 24Shelach - 1:21:10
Section 5Devarim - דברים