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Start DateSep 1, 2017
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Section 1Rosh Hashanah
Lecture 1Who made YOU a judge? - 55:33
Lecture 2Laws (Halacha) of Rosh Hashana - 55:00
Lecture 3Is your Teshuvah check list complete? - 1:21:29
Lecture 4Basic laws and traditions - 49:54
Lecture 5The mystical meaning of the Simanim - 1:06:50
Lecture 6We're blessed on Rosh Hashana so why pray? - 1:03:11
Section 2The fast of Gedalia
Section 3Ten days of Teshuvah
Lecture 8Ten days of Teshuvah - 1:09:22
Lecture 9Take advantage of the ten days of Teshuvah - 58:47
Section 4Yom Kippur
Section 5Sukkot
Section 6Hosha'ana Raba
Lecture 12The Kabbalah behind Hosha'ana Raba - 1:19:51
Lecture 13The secret of Hosha'ana Raba - 40:45
Lecture 14Why do we circle the Torah during Hoshana - 24:49
Section 7The month of Tishrei