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Section 1Dreams & Mazal
Lecture 1Understanding Dreams and Mazal - Part 1 - 50:32
Lecture 2Understanding Dreams and Mazal - Part 2 - Coming Soon
Lecture 3Changing your Mazal? - 1:24:53
Lecture 4What are dreams? - 1:02:16
Lecture 5Dreams and Mazal - What do they really mean? - 1:33:45
Section 2Rituals
Section 3Scripture
Lecture 7Eshet Chayil - 1:14:04

Eshet Chayil

The hidden meaning behind the mysterious eulogy – 1:14:04

Every Friday night on Shabbat we sing ‘Eshet Chayil’ A eulogy that Avraham Avinu wrote for Sarah when she passed away from this world. The poem hides within the words amazing meanings that reveal Sarah’s life and virtues and more important, what we can take and apply to our life!

Lecture 8Building a successful life - 57:39
Lecture 9The secret of how to melt Hashem's heart? - 44:31
Lecture 10Birkat Cohanim - Priestly Blessing - 24:45
Lecture 11G-d spoke to Moshe in the desert - 44:04
Lecture 12Why are there curses in the Torah? - 57:54
Lecture 13"Speak to the Cohanim" - 33:23
Lecture 14The death of Aharon's sons - 53:53
Lecture 15If a woman conceives and gives birth to a male - 33:25
Lecture 16Why are we not allowed to work on Shabbat? - 43:35
Lecture 17Who created G-d? - 35:29